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The main objective of the IEQII Project in Ghana was to strengthen the capacity of Ghanaian researchers to conduct educational studies using qualitative investigative methods to identify, assess, and analyze key factors that affect performance and quality of teaching and learning in primary schools. The project also promoted and demonstrated the importance of collaborative research in educational reform.

Language of instruction in schools has been a controversial issue in many African countries. Ghana's language policy supported the use of the mother tongue as medium of instruction in primary grades 1-3, but how effectively and to what extent the policy was being implemented was not known. It was, however, known that the implementation of the policy was beset with problems, such as the lack of textbooks.

In response to a Ghana Education Service (GES) request to conduct research on the language policy and explore these issues, the IEQII team conducted a multi-site qualitative case study. The study described the range of ways in which the language policy was being implemented in six schools around Ghana. It also identified the policy's effect on teaching and learning and made recommendations on options for change.

Map of Ghana
Map of Ghana

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